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Mazi (Dr) Azubike Okoro, Ph.D - public servant, publisher, author.

Born on February 22 1962, Ugwu Aro is a native of Amuvi, Arochukwu, and founded Aro News in 1997 to encourage research on the culture, history and civilization of the Arochukwu nation. He is also the pioneer Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of the Aro News.

He holds two Master’s degrees - Sociology and Human Resource Management- and a Doctorate of Management of Argosy University, Chicago, USA.

He had earlier attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He also attended Corpus Christi College, Achi.

He is presently the Director & Chief Learning Officer, NDIC Academy

Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation.

His books include “Perspectives on Aro History and Civilization-The Splendor of a Great Past|” (Co-Author). It is a book on the history and civilization of the people of Arochukwu kingdom, in Abia State Nigeria

Dr. Okoro was honoured by Arochukwu Kingdom in December 2019 with the Ugwu Aro award and he is married to Stella and blessed with children.

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