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His Majesty, Mazi Kanu Orji - CFR, CON, OBE

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

His Majesty, the late Mazi Kanu Oji - CFR, CON, OBE - the Eze Aro, Nigeria’s longest monarch to ever reign in history.


He was born in the year 1900 and he died in the year 1987.

He reigned from 1914 - 1987, thus ruling for 73 years continuously. He is the Nigeria’s longest monarch to ever reign in history. Late Mazi Kanu Oji was crowned Eze Aro in 1914 at a teenage age of 14 years. But he could not take full control of the throne until he attained a full age of 21 years. And that was in 1921, exactly 7 years after his coronation. It was then that he performed his first important public function as Eze Aro as he chaired, for the first time, a vital meeting of Aro Traditional Leaders Council.

It is not his longevity that draws attention but the wisdom and achievements he made on the throne, which still resonate and remain indelible in the sands of history and have transformed him to a legend among the people. At the centenary commemoration of Aro-British war, christened 'Aro 2002', the Aro Nation established a traditional mentorship institution, "Inya Akpa ", in his honour, to project the "honour above rich"' concept. He was revered by all and his reign was long and peaceful.

Documented history has since shown that His Majesty, Mazi Kanu Oji, received early British recognition following the innovations he introduced into native administration that facilitated the implementation of indirect rule in the then Eastern Nigeria. Thus, he was honoured with Queen Elizabeth II coronation medal of June 2, 1953, Commander of the British Empire (OBE) in 1956. The Nigerian government was to follow suit with Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON), and Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR).

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